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artsixMic : Vibrate culture, culture in freedom!

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artsixMic : Vibrate culture, culture in freedom!

The artsixMic philosophy is based on teamwork and the wealth of human potentials matched with the potential for interactivity of sectors. By disseminating quality, free, independent and pluralist information day after day, artsixMic has become an essential medium of expression and information, allowing a large audience to participate and form an opinion on our world.

That’s why artsixMic has already won over many readers, established many contacts, and achieved great notoriety. By reading our articles, giving us your suggestions, your criticisms, every day artsixMic continues to grow and flourish! Join us and Make artsixMic the real pleasure of your day!

For several years, artsixMic has been informing and entertaining you. Through its philosophy and its artsixMic approach, it has won over many readers, established its visibility in the digital world and established multiple contacts with cultural and creative professionals.

Culture needs you, us, everyone. Today, artsixMic needs to grow, to flourish, to realize itself fully, to establish its autonomy. artsixMic needs to be free and autonomous!

More and more of you are reading us every day. As you can see, all of the content in artsixMic is open access. Our business model is based solely on online advertising, and donations.

Unfortunately, advertising revenues do not allow us to develop our publication even more fully.

If you read us regularly and what we publish is important to you, we invite you to financially support the development of artsixMic with a donation. We are therefore counting on you, readers, to continue this great adventure together. 

Thank you for your support and attention!

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R 727550
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