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Supporting causes and organizations around the world

Mzanzi.Biz supports nonprofits by connecting them to donors, companies, and other nonprofits in 170+ countries. We are more than just a platform.

We are a partner.

Ready for your nonprofit to join us?

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Mzanzi.Biz performs due diligence on every organization in the Mzanzi.Biz community in order to ensure they are performing charitable work and that they meet requirements with their local government. We also conduct customized vetting for corporate programs and facilitate international campaigns.



When your nonprofit partners with Mzanzi.Biz, you get:

Professional, Personalized Fundraising Pages

Tell your story in a clear and compelling way and invite your donors to give the way they want. Whether they give once or monthly, your supporters can donate using more than 10 secure payment methods.


Access to Corporate Partnerships

70% of Mzanzi.Biz nonprofits benefit from donations and grants from companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and 190+ others!


Training + Support For Your Level

Contact Mzanzi.Biz team! We will assist you.


Powerful Tools

Engage your donors with thank-you notes, fundraising appeals, and project reports. Use our partner site


Extra Funding

In 2020, our matching offers, bonus prizes, corporate partnerships, and marketing efforts drove R3 million in extra funding to our partners, just for being part of Mzanzi.Biz!


Tax Benefits

Appeal to donors who can receive tax benefits in their country for donating to your project, even if you’re not based in those countries.


Help When You Need It

Our team is always there to assist you with Marketing and Fund Raising!



We amplify every donation

Mzanzi.Biz is a nonprofit. Our community is free to join, and we don’t charge an application or subscription fee. Instead, we retain a 7.5% nonprofit support fee on donations, plus 5% transaction processing fee. But we’re committed to raising even more money for your organization than we retain in fees. For example, for every $1 that goes to Mzanzi.Biz in fees, we’ll raise, on average, an additional $2 for your nonprofit.

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