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Get computer literate

Goal: R 850000 | Raised: R 680900


Get computer literate

As you know and can observe, technology is advancing at a level where even the most tech savvy people can barely keep up with it.

We would like to start a campaign teaching the elderly to go DIGITIAL.

They often carry money still in physical form. With the rising crime rates it would be beneficial to teach then to do their transactions electronically.

Also in day to day communications our older members of society, research has proven, they still tend to use normal telephony instead of making a data call over the social media application which could end up saving them time and money.

I just recently taught my grandmother and her friend to use the video call function on whatsapp and they do this now in the times of Covid-19 to honor the social distancing.


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Raised Amount
R 680900
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R 850000
South Africa
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