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Save our forests

Goal: R 3350000 | Raised: R 3350000


Save our forests

The main drivers for the loss of forests are production of timber and the clearing of land for cattle, soy, and palm oil production.

Help us preserve protect and replenish our precious planet.


You can contribute to the efforts against deforestation by doing these easy steps:

  1. Plant a Tree where you can.
  2. Go paperless at home and in the office. 
  3. Buy recycled products and then recycle them again.
  4. Buy certified wood products. Read the labels and look for the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) mark.
  5. Support the products of companies that are committed to reducing deforestation. It’s all about business. If you don’t buy, they will be encouraged to improve their practices.
  6. Raise awareness in your circle and in your community.
  7. Buy only what you will use. 
  8. Don’t use Palm Oil or products with Palm Oil.

Every product that is made out of trees is Recyclable. Practice recycling diligently.

“The main reason tropical forests are disappearing is not a mystery – vast areas continue to be cleared for soy, beef, palm oil, timber, and other globally traded commodities.''

- Frances Seymour, the World Resources Institute.





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National Parks
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R 3350000
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R 3350000
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