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Goal: R 1000000 | Raised: R 1000000


Please fund my Youtube channel

I am a South African looking to start my own Youtube Channel

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Goal: R 6500000 | Raised: R 216000


Fund my Art

South Africa has such a diverse plethora of artists that have no platform or funding.

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Goal: R 1850000 | Raised: R 819550


Help me Fund my Anime

I wish to create an anime of south African origin.

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Goal: R 50000 | Raised: R 48350


Please fund my violin Lessons

I am a Violin enthusiast, I am capable of playing the instrument, however costs are becoming to expensive for me.

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Goal: R 189000 | Raised: R 176470


Photography Classes

Please help me in raising funds to offer my pwn photography workshops.

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Goal: R 1240000 | Raised: R 1240000


Art Gallery

Help me and my sister raise funds to open up our own Art Gallery.

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Goal: R 170000 | Raised: R 170000


Pottery Classes

I would like to raise funds to open up my own Pottery School.

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Goal: R 100000 | Raised: R 0


i need equipment

help me

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Goal: R 325000 | Raised: R 134520


Art Classes

I wish to start a community group in order to cultivate the talent of our younger generation.

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