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Goal: R 15000 | Raised: R 775



Improving education and helping children in making their dreams come true.

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Goal: R 500000 | Raised: R 392250


Help raise Funds for text books

There is a major shortage of text books in rural areas due to poor upkeep of facilities.

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Goal: R 10000000 | Raised: R 5700750


Tertiary Fund

Our future lies with our children and we need to make sure they have the foundation on which to rise.

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Goal: R 2000000 | Raised: R 2000000


Student Bursary Funding

Help me to raise funds for matriculants to achieve their dreams and goals in their chosen fields of studies.

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Goal: R 2300000 | Raised: R 1151750


Trainining our Children to Garden

Farming was one of humans first inventions as innovation of man.

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Goal: R 650000 | Raised: R 545278


Fund my music school

Please help us in raising funds for new instruments and equipment for our music school.

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Goal: R 80000 | Raised: R 80000


Fund my paino lessons

Please help me achieve my dream od playing the paino

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Goal: R 300000 | Raised: R 300000


Provide school uniforms

Help me raise funds to provide school uniforms tounderprivileged children

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Goal: R 230000 | Raised: R 182425


Swimming lessons

Help me raise funds to provide swimmimg lessons to the schools in the rural area's.

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Goal: R 2750000 | Raised: R 2173340


Community Science Lab

To display both to the youth and the adults the marvels of science.

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Goal: R 105000 | Raised: R 67350


Arts & Culture classes

I would like to offer arts & culture classes to school children, please help me to raise funds.

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Goal: R 425000 | Raised: R 297348


Foreign Language classes

Foreign Language classes

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Goal: R 701000 | Raised: R 701000


helping kids education

we are raising money to help pay for kids education that can not afford it

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Goal: R 280000 | Raised: R 251250


Teaching Sign Language

Help me to achieve my dream in teaching sign language in rural communities and rural schools.

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Goal: R 310000 | Raised: R 10550


Creative & Poetry Workshops

Help me by funding my Creative & Poetry Workshops

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Goal: R 220000 | Raised: R 195849


Welding Courses

Help me to raise funds so that I may go and enroll and study Welding Classes

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Goal: R 310000 | Raised: R 303571


Boilermaker Course

Help me raise funds so that I may achieve my dream and to become a Boilermaker.

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Goal: R 450000 | Raised: R 450000


Pro Mathematics

We aim to bring the fun back to math and provide a service for those who cannot afford a Math tutor.

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Goal: R 175000 | Raised: R 0


Cosmetology School

Help me and my family to raise funds so that I may attened Cosmetic School and achieve my dream.

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Goal: R 520000 | Raised: R 445019


Nursing School

A group of Girls in the community would like to study Nursing, please help me in raising funds.

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Goal: R 346000 | Raised: R 136740


Teaching Sign Language

A Drive to teach those who wish to learn this in respect for those who have no hearing.

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