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Goal: R 80000 | Raised: R 74700


Please fund my Soccer Career

Please help donate towards my goal of becoming a professional soccer player.

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Goal: R 150000 | Raised: R 150000


Basketball Fund

Please help me become a recognized Basketball player.

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Goal: R 376900 | Raised: R 376900


Self Defense Classes

I would like to offer self defense classes for females in the communities

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Goal: R 420000 | Raised: R 357650


Go Fund my Boxing Gym

Please help me to raise funds to teach boxing to school kids and to the elder folk in Cape Town.

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Goal: R 120000 | Raised: R 95381


Archery Lessons

Go fund my Archery Lessons please.

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Goal: R 439000 | Raised: R 439630


Soccer Kits for Kid's Soccer Teams

Help me buy soccer kits for the kids in the communities.

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Goal: R 70000 | Raised: R 68727


Soccer Lessons

Fund my Soccer lessons that I will be hosting in Rural Communities.

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Goal: R 200000 | Raised: R 79219


Community Gymnastics Club

Community Gymnastics Club

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Goal: R 130000 | Raised: R 30700


Help me become Pro MMA fighter.

I Come seeking sponsorship in order to push my career to international levels

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